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April is usually the month when fishermen are returning to de-iced bodies of water. Whether it's your first fishing season or your fiftieth, you need to be well prepared to make the most of it when the time comes. Here is the list of equipments we recommend.

A rod, a reel and a case

Of course, you need a rod and a reel to fish. It will be very important to know your needs, before choosing: Where are you going to fish? What fishing technique will you use? What fish do you want to catch?

If you want to fly-fish for trout, we recommend the fly-fishing combo # 5 - 9013222. For salmon, we recommend the combo # 9 - 9013226. In both cases, these sets will be useful to you whether along a river or a stream and as much on foot as by boat. These rods have 4 sections, 1 extension and 1 spare tip just in case. The reels have a 6-point brake system. To learn more about their use, go to the product's discovery page. Both sets are supplied with a carbon tube to protect your rods.

If you prefer spinning fishing, we recommend the Prestige spinning combo - 9012211. This rod, with its two actions, also adapts to the situation you prefer, just like the reel with its two speeds, which allows you to work with different types of lures. Discover the product page to learn more about its versatility.

There is also a specialized range for the sea or the ocean, resistant to salt water: the DOCK rod - G2405 for fishing large specimens from the dock or a boat, the TRANSIT rod - G2491 which is telescopic for surfcasting from the dock, the rocks or the beach. Combine them with the ALBATROS reel - G2703 that offers reliability and durability with exceptional performance. Its slow oscillation promotes precise recovery, even under the heaviest loads. Learn more about the specifics of these products.

To find the case that suits your rod and make it easier to carry on all your fishing trips, check out our different cases!

A landing net and a fish basket

A landing net is always useful! The folding net - 9675071 respects your catch. The rubber-coated net prevents hooks and fish from getting tangled in the mesh and contributes to more efficient release.

For the fish you want (and are allowed) to keep, you will need a basket to bring them home. The 9550103 version, made of plastic, is lightweight, easy to clean and easy to carry and the 9550061 version is made of premium wicker and leather, for a traditional look that will turn heads.

Hip or chest waders

To fish with your feet in the water, use the heavy-duty nylon thigh hip waders. This product is offered with felt soles (9701456) to prevent slipping on rocks or with studs (9701606) for rivers with earth or sand bottoms.

For those venturing into deeper rivers, there are also chest waders, still in heavy-duty nylon, with adjustable waistbands and quick-closing shoulder straps as well as an inside pocket for things to keep dry, also available with felt soles (9701426) or with studs (9701624).

A seat and a fishing vest

For fishers looking for superior comfort, the seat - 9551071 has extra thick padding, a non-slip underside perfect for sitting in a rowboat and armrests for even more comfort! This seat is foldable and therefore easily transportable thanks to its two straps which transform it into a backpack and is also very resistant to different fishing conditions.

For safe fishing, the SURVIVOR fishing vest - 9660416-23 is a must have. Its many pockets will meet your needs and, in the event of a fall in the water, pull the tongue to fill the jacket with CO². It is also possible to inflate by blowing into the tube and extra cartridges are available. Avoid drowning and always wear a flotation device!

A hat and sunglasses

The hat as the sunglasses will protect you from the sun but also from the misses that can graze or touch your face. The G1932 fishing hat, in addition to protecting you from sunstroke like any hat, has a ventilation mesh to avoid keeping heat inside the hat.

Polarized sunglasses - 9889032, will also protect you on the sides of the eyes and can cover prescription glasses. A lanyard to keep them around the neck and a holster are included.

Anti-insect protections

Insect bites can quickly spoil a fishing trip! In addition to avoiding products (shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, perfume) with an odor, you can get a mosquito repellent net jacket, a mosquito net just for the face, an anti-mosquito clip and/or a bracelet mosquito repellent with natural, water-resistant and non-toxic refill cartridges.

You can also read our article on ticks and Lyme disease to find out how to deal with such a situation.

A fillet knife and a smoker

After the fishing comes the fish tasting! To facilitate your meal’s preparation, use the fillet knife - 9521801, with rubber handle as well as a leather sheath and sharpener included or the SIGNATURE fillet knife - 9521803, with wooden handle and leather sheath also included.

Once your fish fillets are ready, smoke them with the Portable Smoker with 1 or 2 levels (G4601-G4602). You can even smoke your fish while you continue fishing or just after you get home. Either way, this is a product worth discovering!

There is no perfect product that adapts to all situations, all techniques and all seasons, it is about defining your needs and desires, in order to find the one that will be perfect for your expedition. Finding out what you prefer to do or fish will help you find the right gear. Go to the store to talk to your local merchants who will be able to tell you the ideal products for you, they are there for you!