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25 years...

Over 25 years spent sharing special moments with you!


Green Trail is the story of people passionate about nature, the outdoors, fishing, hunting, camping and simple pleasures. In a digital and superficial world that often runs too fast, Green Trail is a return to the earth, in moments of sharing and communion. Take time to breathe and focus on what really matters: relaxing with family, feeling that time stands still.


At the heart of each product there is the breath of a moment, a place, a story; freedom, the immensity of the great outdoors, the pleasure of being together.

The quest for happyness, for Green Trail, is outdoor

To allow every human being to enjoy 100% of the outdoors and, to make possible the activities that is requiring an equipment that is often too expensive, Green Trail offers quality, innovative products at competitive prices. Everyone has the right to durable and efficient equipment. Each person should be able to practice and transmit their passion to those around them.


For over 25 years, Green Trail, a Naturmania's brand, has remained faithful to its fundamental values, sharing your passions and supporting you during your outings. The brand is intended to be more than ever by your side, continues to innovate, design and test its products in Canada.

Through its brands, from Green Trail to Alizée, Naturmania makes its expertise and know-how shine from one domain to another. From trendy, practical and eco-responsible urban winter jackets to fishing and hunting equipment, Naturmania adapts itself to various activities. In addition, the products are designed and tested at home, in Quebec!

Thank you for making Green Trail your trusted brand.