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Highly prized by outdoor enthusiasts, merino wool is a natural, ultra-soft, renewable fiber that offers numerous benefits. It prevents you
sweating, neutralizes odors and is super-comfortable and lightweight. So it's hardly surprising that merino is one of the most popular fibers used in socks for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're a trail hiker or a regular office worker, these socks are a wardrobe essential!
are five reasons why you absolutely need a pair of merino wool socks.

N° 1 : Merino wool socks keep feet dry at all times

Merino wool comes, as the name suggests, from the Merino breed of sheep, native to Spain. Today, this breed of sheep is mainly bred for its wool in Australia and New Zealand. Merino sheep wool ensures comfort in the most hostile environments, making it perfect for hot, humid days as well as cold, windy ones. Merino wool helps regulate body temperature. In cold weather, the fibers trap air, providing an insulating
around your feet. Conversely, its breathability keeps your feet cool and dry in hot weather. Which makes it a fiber of choice, whatever
type of activity.

2 : No more unpleasant odors

Sweating is synonymous with unpleasant odors, but as merino wool keeps feet dry, it's a natural ally against unpleasant odors. In fact,
wool socks naturally repel odors caused by bacteria. With merino wool, you can wear your socks longer without worrying about unpleasant odors. Perfect for people with a high sweat potential or hormonally-charged teenagers!

3 : Merino wool socks are ultra-soft, lightweight and durable

For many people, the mere mention of the word wool is enough to make them itch! But you'll be pleasantly surprised by the softness and lightness of merino wool. This fiber, much softer and finer than conventional wools, provides unequalled comfort! In fact, the fiber is one-third the diameter of a human hair. Its incomparable fineness makes for a delicate, supple and highly flexible knit. What's more, merino wool
much longer (up to six times longer) than fibers from other materials, such as cotton. A smarter, more responsible purchase than other,
durable socks.

N° 4 : They reduce friction in shoes and boots

The worst thing, especially when you're out hiking, is a blister. Thanks to their ability to absorb sweat and moisture, merino wool socks reduce friction in shoes. Right-fitting socks and shoes remain a key factor, but fabric also plays an important role. Ultra-soft and comfortable, merino wool socks limit friction. This reduces your risk of getting blisters. This makes them the ideal companion for construction, hiking and snowboarding boots.

N° 5 : Merino wool, a responsible solution

It's no wonder that merino wool is a sought-after material for hosiery. With its properties of breathability, softness, lightness and durability,
natural fiber is a top performer. But did you know that it also requires less energy to produce than cotton or polyester? It is 100% biodegradable, so it doesn't pollute. It needs less frequent washing, which makes it a responsible fiber, and it's one of the textile materials
ages best. And since sheep are sheared every spring, it's also a renewable fiber. Happiness in every way!


At Green Trail, our Merino wool socks contain 40% pure wool. This choice enables us to offer you a high-performance stocking without being too bulky. We want to maintain your comfort while ensuring your mobility and agility. Sold in packs of three, with an interesting assortment of colors, you've got a set of socks that'll let you enjoy your time in nature in style!

Be at the top of your comfort game!