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In freezing weather, it's still good to enjoy outdoor activities. But you've got to be well equipped to keep out the cold. And since it's the extremities that tend to freeze first, it's often the feet and hands that feel the cold. The right socks and/or mittens are essential accessories for braving our northern climate. But extreme temperatures often call for a little boost. Heat packs are a good option for hands, but for feet, heated insoles are the best solution.

Our Green Trail insoles offer a very economical option. With its case inserted in a pouch that attaches around the leg, and running on 3 AA batteries, they're easy to use and will give you constant, even heat.

There are several options on the market with remote controls and other functions.
for sporadic use, our model is a good start. They are adjustable for sizes 5 to 13 (38 to 46).
cut along the lines corresponding to your shoe size and insert into the bottom
your boot.

Who are they for?

Green Trail insoles are ideal for those who spend long hours outside during the winter season, as well as for those who are only outside
a few minutes to wait for the bus.

To ensure maximum comfort, the soles are made of EVA foam and are light, flexible, breathable and highly impact-absorbent.

They're practical, too, as you don't have to remove them from your boots or shoes to replace the batteries. As the three batteries fit into
casing at the leg, you can simply remove them to recharge them (if you're using rechargeable batteries), or replace them with new ones. For high performance, it's crucial to use high-quality alkaline batteries. You should also be aware that these items cannot be immersed
water, or exposed to high levels of humidity (we're still talking about an item with wires).

What you need to know

Firstly, the heated insole is not a product that generates a lot of heat. And that's deliberate; too high a temperature would be dangerous
your health. In fact, if you have a history of phlebitis, it's not advisable to use them. Too much heat at foot level is risky.

The idea behind the product's design is not to heat the feet (as heating packs do), but rather to keep them at a comfortable temperature.
it's normal not to feel hot to the touch. And don't wait until your feet are frozen to use them. They won't thaw you out! If you wear them throughout your outdoor activity, they'll maintain a comfortable temperature without overheating your feet.

It's up to you to decide whether this product is right for your needs. You can also read our article entitled How to choose the right winter boot
help you make the best choice for your lifestyle, and also learn tips and tricks to better protect your feet from the rigors of winter!