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What is your experience before Naturmania?

Before Naturmania, I worked in the restaurant business, I liked the tasks but the schedules are not easy. So I decided to change.

When did you arrive at Naturmania? Why did you choose to work for this company?

I arrived at Naturmania in August 2007. My father worked there before me and it suited exactly what I was looking for: a stable and flexible schedule for family life. So I applied for it. It definitely improved my quality of life and over the years I felt good about what I was doing so I stayed.

What does your job at Naturmania consist of?

I am in charge of warehouse logistics: I receive, I ship and I manage the movement of the inventory so that we do not run out of space.

What is your dream in life?

My dream is to buy a house for me and my family.

What is your favorite Green Trail's product?

My favorite product is the REKON ECO PACKS backpackconvenient for all activities.