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What is your experience before Naturmania?

I had a bit of a journey before I came back to the business. My father founded it in 1993 and I worked with him for almost 7 years before I felt the urge to do something else. I was an athletic therapist for almost 15 years before coming back to the company and eventually taking over the lead. You know what they say eh? You can keep the girl out of the business, but you can't keep the business out of the girl. Well here it is! I'm back, more determined than ever to make Naturmania explode with stimulating projects, original ideas and a team on fire!

When did you arrive at Naturmania? Why did you choose to work for this company?

When my dad started talking about retirement at the end of 2017. Seriously, I didn't see the company being sold or broken up or shut down. I decided to take over the company to maintain jobs, to develop an organization that my father had set up when I was very young. He worked so hard to get to where we are, I didn't want it to end. I wanted more. For him, for me and also for the whole team.

What does your job at Naturmania consist of?

I am the CEO. I make sure each department is functioning to the best of its ability. I ensure the happiness of my staff. I plan, I dream of the business, I see big for it, for all of us.

What is your dream in life?

See my brands at the top! I would like people who live in winter to do it while wearing Alizée, I wish outdoor enthusiasts to see Green Trail as the best playmate! I dream that our projects see the daylight and that everything we work so hard for is a success.

What is your favorite Green Trail's product?

My favorite product for Green Trail is the portable smoker. YuuuMMMMMmmmmm! I had a blast testing this product. It activates my creativity. Smoking fish and meat is a staple, but smoking brie chese, or certain vegetables; a delight!