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What is your experience before Naturmania?

My work experiences, before Naturmania, are all in the manufacturing sector.
I spent 7 years in the industrial engineering department at Louis Garneau to become responsible for the last two years. To acquire more challenges and projects, I moved to the quality department at Souris Mini, a company where I stayed for 15 years. I spent three years as Production Manager leading a team of 18 people, then returned to my quality tasks which were more like me. It has allowed me to travel a lot to Paris, Dhaka, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Delhi, where I have been and returned several times over the years.

When did you arrive at Naturmania? Why did you choose to work for this company?

I have been with Naturmania since January 2019. After 15 years at Souris Mini, the routine was felt. Following a contact regarding an open Clothing Products Manager position, I sent in my application. After a spontaneous and pleasant interview, the job was offered to me and since then I really feel at my place. The eco-responsible aspect and the multiple projects to be started were very heavy in the balance of my decision.

What does your job at Naturmania consist of?

I am the Clothing Products Manager, so I participate in the development of projects and collections for Alizée as well as for the other Naturmania banners. I am in charge of planning collections, negotiating prices, finding factories and communicating with them. All this while respecting delivery deadlines and eco-responsible criteria specific to the company.

What is your dream in life?

Seeing the Alizée brand, and others as yet undisclosed, find the commercial success they deserve.
More personally, traveling, still full. See distant countries like Australia and Japan. And, to be able to keep the people I love healthy for a very long time.

What is your favorite Green Trail's product?

My favorite Green Trail's product is the portable smoker. Its practical size for transport makes it essential to bring on a camping trip, on a roadtrip or on a simple expedition.