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The hunting season is in full swing! Whether you are a beginner or an expert, it is important to have the right equipment to be able to fully enjoy this great activity without a worry. That's why Green Trail is giving you a list of the 11 essentials to be perfectly equipped.


1. The gun lock

When it comes to safety, for a firearm, the basis is having a gun lock. This will prevent someone else from using your weapon without you consent or causing an accident if mishandled. The gun lock with keys really does the job, but for those who don't want to take their keys everywhere, there are also locks with code. 

2. The safety vest

The safety vest is also one of the essentials for hunting. It allows you to remain visible to other hunters and thus avoid any accident. In Quebec, and in many countries, it is mandatory to wear it. It must be visible at all times and be worn over all other clothing layers. There is a simple version of the safety vest. But, it's not because it's a mandatory acessory that you can't give it another utility. Therefore, there is the version with integrated shell holder. 

3. The headlamp

The headlamp can be very useful too. It will allow you to get to or to come back from your spot in the dark. This type of lamp gives you visibility up to 500 meters. It is also very practical to see where you are going to avoid unpleasant surprises. And, for the harvest when the sun goes down, it will help you see your trophies better! Several ignition modes and several ranges exist according to your needs.


1. The camo combo

Temperatures are rather cold in the morning and in the evening. It is important to dress well. Therefore, hunting will be enjoyable since with high-performance clothing, even without movement, you will stay warm. The combos we recommend are in multiple layers. If you are too hot, you can remove a few layers, always keeping the safety vest on top of everything. 

2. The thermal underwear set

Thermal underwears can be another option if you already have a hunting outfit that isn't warm enough. Very comfortable, the set keeps you dry with humidity transfer. It is also odor-resistant and stretchable, to follow your movements. It exists in black and camouflage versions. Alizée, a company that also designs its products in Canada, offers you other sets, super efficient!

3. The toques

Don't forget to cover your head to avoid cold ears. Green Trail offers its tuques in micro fleece on the inside and in polyester on the outside. Opt for the classic reversible camouflage / orange ot wear the printed ones with your favorite trophies! 18 models available: moose, geese, deer, turkey, wolf and more.


1. The knife

For any excursion in nature, a good knife is always useful. To gut or to skin your trophies, there are now reversible knives. Several types of blades on the same knife so you no longer need to have several. In addition, it can also serve you during your fishing trips. High quality genuine leather case included.

2. The backpack

Anti-noise, waterproof, support for weapon, many aspects can interfere the choice of the right hunting bag. Volume and weight are also important characteristics since it's necessary to successfully store all the essentials presented in this article. Here are 2 very different models, the basic one could be more than enough. But, the more sophisticated one offers you more options.

3. The EVA seat

While waiting for the dawn or during the break, finding a comfortable place to sit is rather complicated. That's why the EVA seat come to help! You can sit down anywhere in comfort but above all by staying dry and warm. Possibility of attaching it to the backpack thanks to a strap and available in 1'' or 2'' version.

4. The sling

Carrying your weapon at arm's length for a whole day can be tiring. A sling is then essential which will allow you to keep the weight of your weapon on your shoulder. Green Trail's slings are made of neoprene, so they are light and strong.

5. The scale

Finally, calculate the weight of your trophy using the OUTPOST digital big game scale! Robust, durable and compact, it will allow you to weigh your targets up to a capacity of 500kg/1,100lb. A trophy of this size will leave your hunting partners speechless. Very easy to use and digital display for accuracy to plus or minus 1kg/2.2lb.

Briefly, it isn't enough to have a weapon to be a good hunter. Good equipment is needed, in addition to what is mandatory. It will conserve your energy, your warmth and your performance for several hours. This can extend the pleasure of a good hunting trip!