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While ice fishing or during a walk in the forest, it often happens that the activitie becomes unpleasant because of the cold. To brave this cold, only one technique: the multilayer system. This method consists in choosing clothes that perfectly match the needs of 3 distinct layers.

The first rule to remember: moisture released by the body is the sworn enemy of comfort. It is wrong to think that the more layers you put on, the warmer you will stay. The only thing you will get is a sauna effect. And, later, the ice cube effect caused by your own humidity will occur.

Here are your three new allies to go outside and enjoy. The three layers will keep you dry and warm and give you enough courage to enjoy the pleasures in very low temperatures.

The inner layer: the one that will keep you dry

Its role is essentially to transport moisture from the body to the surface of the material. You should therefore choose an item of clothing whose fabric dries quickly in order to keep your skin dry. Wool, cotton and natural fibers should be avoided since their fibers store water without evacuating it. Merino wool, which makes up the majority of underwear, is slower to dry, but retains heat better. So it's up to you to assess your propensity to sweat. Synthetic fibers (polyester/polypropylene) are therefore the ideal choice. You will need to make your choice based on the intensity of the activity as well as the outside temperature.

N235JP underwear sets are ideal as an inner layer.

The middle layer: the one that will keep you warm

It looks a bit like the inner layer, but takes her full personality in her role as keeper of the heat. While it should allow moisture to transfer to the outside, its main job is to keep your warm. It should be light, thin and compressible. The layer, which is often insulated with natural or synthetic fluff, does not have to be very snug, since it must essentially provide you with ease and flexibility of movement.

M1555JP polar camo hunting set is recommended as a middle layer in cold weather.

The outer layer: the one that will protect you

It will be your protection against bad weather. The layer must be breathable to let moisture out of the inner layers while having a level of waterproofing high enough to protect you from the outside elements.

N335JP ice fishing suit is specially designed for this purpose which makes it a powerful ally for practicing your favorite winter activity.

Remember when it is cold, our body has to work harder to warm us up, leaving our extremities behind. That's why our hands, head and feet are suffering most of the time. So remember to cover your extremities well with gloves or mittens, a good toque, a neck warmer and performance socks. This will save you energy and give you possibility to enjoy the outdoors for longer.

In conclusion, to be able to enjoy the outdoors in winter, you have to be prepared. Not all clothing is effective against the cold, a choice is needed. Each item of clothing has its role depending on the type of activity, the type of weather and the functioning of your body, it is up to you to adapt yourself as best as possible to evacuate moisture, retain heat and protect yourself from the elements, and this, from head to toe.