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Sentinel EVA Boot – G1560


The Sentinel is a 100% EVA design boot that is lighter than leather, rubber and neoprene.

  • Sole with adherent studs
  • 400g recycled Primaloft thermal liner
  • Thick shell for durability
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Antimicrobial
  • Oil resistant

* When purchasing, select a size larger than your usual shoe size.


The EVA SENTINEL boot is a jewel of comfort, lightness and performance. With its adjustable gusset at the top of the boot, no debris or snow will enter your boot. Its robust appearance with its oversized cleated sole gives it the appearance of a rubber boot without the inconvenience of its weight. Indeed, its EVA construction gives it an extraordinary lightness! It will surprise you with its enveloping comfort. The EVA SENTINEL boot and its Primaloft liner ensure a pleasant feeling of warmth and will keep you dry. With the thickest sole on the market, the density of this boot will guarantee you the best resistance in its category. Available in green and with a camouflage pattern, it will appeal to anglers and hunters alike! But beware, it is for anyone wishing to enjoy the outdoors in complete comfort.


The SENTINEL is the boot that offers the best protection against the elements in its category. The Primaloft 400g recycled eco-responsible insulated thermal liner (G1561) combined with our new higher outsole will keep your feet warm even in extreme cold (-75°C). No need to avoid deep puddles, streams, mud and snow.


Traction efficiency is achieved thanks to the design of the studs designed to perform in snow, ice, mud or sand. Its 100% EVA design, lighter than leather, rubber and neoprene, helps absorb shocks while providing better support for the foot. You will continue your way without fatigue, step by step.


EVA is one of the most insulating materials on the market, as it uses air as thermal insulation. Micro-bubbles of air are trapped in the shell, creating an ultra-efficient barrier against the cold.


To prevent your liner from remaining damp, remove it from your boot after use. The moisture that has accumulated there will then be expelled and the inside of your boot will dry more easily. Avoid putting your booties in the dryer, as this will degrade the insulation and reduce the performance of your boot. Shake them well and let them air dry. Wear socks made of synthetic material, natural materials tend to trap moisture close to your body, keeping your feet moist. The boot, with its liner, creates an air chamber. If you have wet feet, you will easily get cold. A synthetic sock wicks away moisture and keeps you dry and therefore warm.

Your boot deserves special care, store it in good conditions to preserve its characteristics. Let it dry well before storing it. You should also remove the liner after use to allow it to dry quickly. Above all, avoid subjecting it to intense heat, which could cause it to deform.

Designed in Canada, the SENTINEL boot offers a unique and sleek design as well as a fitted cut, optimized for hunting.

* Thermal liner included

**When purchasing, select one size larger than your usual shoe size**


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