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1L Vaccum Bottle – G4804


The Green Trail 1 liter vacuum bottle will keep your drink or food hot or cold all day. The leak-proof inner cap will ensure safe transport. Durable stainless steel interior.

Also available in 500 ml format – G4801


Our 1-liter vacuum bottle in Thermos style is second to none. Not only is their animal-like exterior superb, but the versatility of the product makes it a must. With a capacity of one liter, the vacuum bottle will keep your meals and / or drink warm for several hours.  The adaptive cap allows you to use it as you see fit. Its integrated refreshment bar offers you the option of giant coffee for the office or comforting broth for your walks in nature. Its lid with bowl and cup gives you the lunch option for school, office or outings in the forest. In short, a single container, full of possible uses.

In order to preserve the beautiful impression and enjoy your caffeine best friend for years, we recommend cleaning it by hand. Its capacity of 1 liter makes it an insulating bottle in the ideal format. Light and super soft to the touch, it has a handle on the side, allowing lazy trips between the car and home. And since its cap is completely waterproof, no leakage in your bag or luggage. He has everything to make you love and make you dream of your next take! Think about it for your next gifts!


  • Insulated lid that can be used as a cup
  • Extra serving bowl
  • Twist-and-turn type leak-proof waterproof inner cap offering two service options
  • Large opening easy to clean and fill
  • Durable double-walled stainless steel interior
  • Keeps your food or beverage hot or cold all day
  • Hand wash
  • 1 liter/34 oz capacity

Also available in 500 ml format – G4801

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01-Orignal/Moose, 02-Orignal-Moose, 03-Loups/Wolves, 04-Chevreuils/Deers, 05-Ourson/Cub


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