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2 ratios spinning reel PRESTIGE – 9581212



Lightweight 2 ratios spinning reel (6.7:1 and 4.7:1) fast or powerful retrieve. High performance 10BB stainless steel ball bearings with high quality anodized aluminum spool.

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Our lightweight 2 ratios spinning reel will make your angler so happy! Imagine not one, but two sensations with every cast. Adjust the ideal retrieve speed to keep your lure working efficiently. Thanks to its powerful gear mechanism, ratio changes are child’s play. What’s more, this reel boasts a number of interesting features, including an anti-reverse ball bearing, an ambidextrous crank handle and a high-quality carbon housing. With all this, you’ll have everything you need to dream about fishing!

Our lightweight 2 ratios spinning reel offers exceptional versatility to suit every fishing situation. Here are the details of the two ratios:

Powerful/Slow: 4.7:1

Use this ratio when you want to work your lure slowly and precisely. You’ll benefit from increased power, ideal for bringing in larger fish such as lake trout or pike. Imagine the feeling of mastery when you handle your line with precision and finesse to catch those aquatic trophies.

Fast: 6.7:1

If you prefer a more dynamic approach, opt for this ratio. The fast, lively retrieve will enable you to cover a larger expanse of water in a single day. You’ll tire less, and your chances of spotting schools of active fish will increase tenfold.

Caractéristiques/Features 9581212


  • 2 ratios (6.7:1 and 4.7:1) which provides a quick or powerful recovery
  • Easy ratio change mechanism
  • 10 high performance stainless steel ball bearings
  • One way clutch ball bearing
  • Very powerful gear mechanism
  • High quality graphite material frame
  • Anti-twist line roller with thick bail
  • Left hand/right hand interchangeable aluminum handle
  • Soft EVA knob
  • High grade forged aluminum spool
  • Graphite replacement spool included
  • Size 3000
  • Weight : 327 g (11.5 oz)


Model: 9581212


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