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Among the many characteristics of a sleeping bag, the main factor is the weather. Indeed, it is the climate in which you plan to sleep that will allow you to choose the sleeping bag that suits you. In addition to this factor, you also have to think about the weight, comfort and compactness for transport, as well as the ease of storage and aesthetics. Here is an overview of the sleeping bags that will help you get a good night's sleep.

FOREST sleeping bag

For nights with extreme temperatures, down to -31°F (-35°C), the FOREST sleeping bag will keep you warm. It is ideal for sleeping in your ice-fishing hut, for winter camping or even for going to the High North.

Its brushed polyester cover ensures that it hangs on the ground. You will therefore not slip while sleeping on a floor with a slight slope. Its insulation is made of hollow fibers coated with silicone. Silicone is a material that does not absorb moisture and the air insulation contained in these fibers will keep the warm inside the bag and the cold outside.

The "box" shape also allows you to keep air and space for your movements in the bag. The heat can circulate there and you will also have room for a lining or warmer clothes.

CHIC CHOC sleeping bag

The CHIC CHOC, also very warm, is made of nylon. It is therefore better against humidity since water will bead on the fabric before entering it. It will therefore take a significant amount of moisture before it penetrates. On the other hand, it does not stick to the ground. You should use this one on a flat ground, without slope.

It is comfortable down to -22°F (-30 ° C), so just like the previous one, you can take it for ice fishing or winter camping, but not in the mountains.

Again, its "box" shape gives you extra space and heat circulation in the bag.

PRO-GUIDE II sleeping bag

Less warm, but still comfortable down to 5°F (-15°C), the PRO-GUIDE II bag is ideal for spring and fall. It is therefore perfect for the hunting season or for sleeping in an unheated chalet.

Since it is less insulated, it is lighter and more compact than the previous two. Its nylon cover will protect you from humidity.

Its "envelope" shape makes it easier to roll up and makes it feel closer to your body when sleeping.

BASE CAMP sleeping bag

The BASE CAMP is the "basic" model. It is perfect for warmer periods, for nights at friends' or in a heated chalet.

It will be comfortable above 5°C for camping in the summer season, whether you sleep in a tent, in a trailer or under the stars. Its insulation makes it breathe better and will not keep the heat inside.

Its "envelope" shape makes it practical and quick to use and store and very light to transport.

In addition to your sleeping bag, several accessories are essential to have the best possible camping experience:

It is important to take several factors into account when choosing the right sleeping bag. What will be the use of this bag? At what time of the year? Where? It is by answering these questions that you will find what is right for you. Several other techniques are good to know to keep as much heat as possible in your bag: before sleeping, it is important to eat foods such as nuts. These snacks, during digestion, will allow your body to create heat. The longer the food takes to be digested, the longer the heat will remain!