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Smoked bacon cod

Served with artichokes, Brussels sprouts and jalapeño


Chef Anthony, from La Boucanerie Del Tonio, has prepared a mouth-watering dish with the Green Trail portable smoker! Here is the recipe.

24 Chemin de la Vieille Église, Lotbinière, QC G0S 1S0

1. Combine salt, brown sugar and keep the mixture aside.

2. Rinse and dry the pork belly and cut 8 very thick slices of bacon in it.

3. Cut the artichokes and throw the stalk away.

4. Apply maple syrup on the bacon slices and artichokes, then sprinkle salt and spices of your choice on both sides of the food.

5. Begin smoking the bacon and artichokes on the highest rack in the 2-level Green Trail Smoker for 20 minutes.*

11. Wrap the bacon around the cod and cook for 20 minutes.

12. Place the mashed and the smoked artichokes on the plate.

13. Add the cod, jalapeño and Brussels sprouts.

14. Season to your taste and enjoy.


* For this recipe, we recommend that you use a butane burner.

** Several fish have been tested on this recipe. Make according to your tastes!


6. Slice two nice large cod fillets.**

7. Rinse and dry the Brussels sprouts and jalapeños, then season them and the cod fillets.

8. Take the bacon and artichoke out of the smoker.

9. Place the fish, Brussels sprouts and jalapeños on the bottom level of the smoker, then place the bacon and artichoke rack on top so that the fat falls on the veggies and fish.

10. Cook for 30 minutes then take out the artichokes to make a puree.