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Carpet 2 x 3 WILDLIFE Collection G8011



Carpet size: 2’x3′ (61 cm x 91 cm)

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Our 2 x 3 carpet from the WILDLIFE collection will bring any vestibule to life. This super realistic high definition animal print rug will bring any room to life. Perfect for the cottage, home and even in the recreational vehicle. Its photorealistic fine weave with vibrant colors will be easy to integrate into your rustic or modern decor. This carpet from the WILDLIFE collection will be an item that all your guests will love to talk about! Durable workmanship and soft to the touch. Its cushioned and non-slip lamination on the reverse allows it to stay in place. A large selection of models. Designed in Quebec.


  • Also available in these sizes
    • G8015 carpet size: rectangle 4′ x 6′ (122 cm x 182 cm)        
    • G8017 carpet size: rectangle 5 ft x 7 ft (152 cm x 213 cm)   
  • High-definition quality prints
  • Photorealistic fine weave with vibrant colors
  • Stays in place
  • Cushioned and non-slip lamination on the reverse
  • Classic finish with arrange border
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Superior design
  • Flat, it does not collect dust
  • 100% polyester
  • Easy maintenance

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01-Orignal/Moose, 02-Orignal-Moose, 03-Orignal/Moose, 04-Orignal/Moose, 06-Chevreuil/Deer, 07-Chevreuil/Deer, 08-Chevreuil/Deer, 09-Perdrix/Grouse, 10-Perdrix/Grouse, 11-Outarde/Canada Goose, 12-Outarde/Canada Goose, 13-Huard/Loon, 14-Loup/Wolf, 15-Ours/Bear, 16-Cougar/Puma, 17-Orignal/Moose, 18-Canards/Ducks, 19-Huard/Loon, 20-Moose, 21-Wolves, 22-Deer, 23-Raindeer


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