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Camouflage suspenders – G1915


Camouflage suspenders for comfort and support. Suitable for indoor and outdoor pants, with a width of 5 cm (2 inches) and adjustable from 110 to 180 cm (43 to 70 inches). Large clips for easy attachment. A practical accessory for workers with tool-filled pockets, outdoor enthusiasts, or those seeking back support. 

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These camouflage pattern suspenders are perfect for anyone looking to add comfort and support to their pants. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor pants, providing you with superior support. Equipped with large clips, they are easy to attach to your pants. They can be adjusted from 110 to 180 cm (43 to 70 inches). With a width of 5 cm (2 inches), they are comfortable to wear on your shoulders and back.

You can also get them in green (9709010) and black (9709011). These camouflage pattern suspenders will quickly become an essential companion on all your outings! They are perfect for workers whose pant pockets are filled with various tools and for outdoor enthusiasts who want to ensure their lower back is well protected from the cold. Not only will they be practical, but they will also become your favorite accessory! Don’t hesitate to wear them with style during your outdoor adventures and enjoy their comfort and support to the fullest.


  • 5 cm (2-inch) wide suspenders
  • Large clips
  • Adjustable from 110 cm to 180 cm
  • For men and women

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 8 × 12 in


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