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STRIPER spinning rod – 9691692


Striper spinning rod designed for striped bass will allow you to fully enjoy this very sporty type of fishing! With a host of interesting technical features, it is adaptive, easy to use, of high quality construction and exceptional maneuverability.

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This striped bass rod set is designed to let you enjoy this type of sport fishing to the fullest! With a host of interesting technical features, the STRIPER spinning rod is adaptive, easy to use, of high quality construction and exceptional handling. The STRIPER spinning rod is solid and strong to ensure excellent durability and performance. Its adjustable seat allows you to place the reel wherever you want, which guarantees incomparable comfort and pleasure.

Capable of supporting heavy lures (9-14 oz), it will give you the momentum and speed you want when playing the sport.

The reel specially designed for this rod (9581692) will be one of your new favorite toys! Powerful and adapted to big game fishing, it has all the features you look for in a top-of-the-line equipment. With brass gear and an aluminum spool, it will last and give you years of fun! 200 meters of 40 lbs line comes with the reel. So you’re ready to go!  

The best part of the STRIPER package will be the exciting stories it will give you! So happy fishing!

Caractéristiques de la canne à lancer léger STRIPER-9691692

  • ‘’SURF’’ style spinning rod
  • With light on tip
  • Adjustable reel seat
  • Non-slip rubberized material on the handle and near the joint of the section
  • Fishing rod blank marked at legal measure for striped bass (50 to 65cm)
  • High power that allows use of heavier lure and get extra distance of each cast
  • Length: 12 feet
  • 3 sections


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