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Being a part of a team, so innovative, is an ongoing pleasure. Becoming your outdoor partner is not only our goal; it’s a way of thinking. Green Trail is an innovative brand that makes a mission of offering versatile, accessible and environmentally friendly outdoor articles, allowing you to enjoy outdoor pleasures. My team is composed of dedicated artisans and is proud to contribute to a better ecological footprint. Together, we want to offer our hunter and fisher consumers a user-friendly, practical and efficient solution that will also allow them to make a difference in their environment.

That’s why our products are designed here, in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, and our international factories are all responding to the higher ecological and ethical standards. In our desire to do better, we are constantly searching for new resources; recycled fabrics, innovative textiles, technological insulation, and always more efficient and resistant materials. 

All of our efforts mean more and more eco-friendly products are now available in our collections. At Green Trail we put our hearts into offering intelligently made products that are durable and accessible quality items.

I am proud that Green Trail is THE trusted brand, you chose to share your precious moments with nature. We wish to be a part of your memories and make you want to go back play outside!   

Stephanie Bernadet - PDG Naturmania Inc.